Getting Started

Work closely with the API Team and your Business Development Contact and/or Account Manager to complete this integration. Email questions to

Provide the uShip API Team with the following:

  • a Service Provider user either a Carrier or Broker & Carrier account
  • a test recipient URL to receive notifications
  • a production recipient URL to receive notifications


Header Data Format
accept application/json
content-type application/json


When making this v2 request, follow the password grant flow outlined in Authentication.


Request Header
The bearer access token string is required.


Test Environment

Test the workflow on uShip's staging environment before releasing to production. Send the following information to us via

Step 1: Provide us with your IP address so that we can provide access for you to reach 
Step 2: Once we give you access to the test environment, create several Shipping Customer users. Create a Service Provider user (we need to help them with this one to make it PR eligible or give them one they can test with).
Step 3: Create a full listing to kick off generation of published rates.
Step 4: When the published rates return, book one rate as the Shipping Customer. 
Step 5: Enter test credit card information on the booking request form.
Step 6: Confirm the rate.
Step 7: Then, as the Service Provider, accept the rate within one business day.


Production Environment

Set up a carrier account if you don't already have one.


Example Booking Request

Send Booking Request Example

You can update the insurance and Terrapass options on the booking request.

Booking Request Options


A sample of an email message to the Shipping Customer that their booking request was sent to the Service Provider for acceptance.

Shipping Customer Booking Request Email