Service Provider Overview

Service Provider: Provide Rates Flow


Service Provider sends bookable and instantly viewable rates to uShip.

Service Providers automatically respond to rate requests with bookable shipping rates using uShip's API. Service Providers should only choose to respond to rate requests that match the categories their business supports. The rates they provide should be accurate and bookable. There are many ways to make published rates fit your needs. 

  •   Does your business specialize in automotive transport? You can choose to only provide bookable rates for cars and light trucks.
  •   Don't handle shipments across the country?  You can choose to only provide bookable rates for the areas you support.
  •   Already have shipments for your fleet capacity?  You can stop providing bookable rates at any time.
  •   Are you willing to provide exceptional service?  Choose service types and delivery times that best reflect the level of care you'll provide.
  •   Is it cost-prohibitive to ship at certain times?  You can increase and decrease your bookable rate to reflect the market.