Published Rates

What is a Published Rate?

A published rate is a bookable price based on listing details.

  • A published rate is based on a Service Provider's unique pricing algorithms.
  • A published rate is valid until the expiration date or when there are significant changes in the listing details.
  • A published rate gives Shipping Customers a chance to instantly view bookable rates for a shipment without going through an auction.

A Service Provider must confirm the published rate prior to charging the Shipping Customer's payment method.

Visit the complete Published Rates Workflow overview.

  • A Shipping Customer creates a rate request.
  • A Service Provider receives the rate request and then responds with their rate. 
  • A Service Provider sends bookable shipping rates to uShip for Shipping Customers to view. 
  • Once a Shipping Customer chooses one of the rates, the Service Provider receives a booking request for that rate.
  • The Service Provider has the final option of either accepting or declining the booking request. Once the booking request is accepted, the listing is booked.


Are you a Service Provider or a Shipping Customer?

You are a Service Provider if...

  • You are a transportation company looking to provide bookable prices across multiple platforms.
  • You are your own shipping logistics platform or freight forwarder looking to match Shipping Customers with Service Providers.

Visit the Service Provider Overview


You are a Shipping Customer if...

  •  You run a business selling widgets and need to provide shipping options during checkout for your customers.
  •  You run a business selling widgets and are handling the shipping requirements yourself.
  •  You are a distributor or broker looking to move shipments acquired elsewhere.
  •  You run a business with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) or order management system and want easy access to competitive shipping prices.

Visit the Shipping Customer Overview

Partner Example

A published rates example where the client POSTs to the URI endpoint to kick off the workflow. Here, a Shipping Customer on eBay goes to the Shipping and payments tab for a vehicle. The Shipping Customer enters a delivery zip code which returns a list of instantly viewable rates.

eBay Shipping Example