Accept a Rate

This method is part of the Shipping Customer's Published Rates flow. This conceptual diagram is part of the overall workflow.

Accept rate from rate request


Shipping Customer accepts a rate he or she selected from the list of published rates. Call the Create User method to accept a rate for a listing or a rate request.

To use this endpoint, meet the following criteria

  • The rate must not be expired.
  • The currency for the rate, insurance, and the user setting must match.
  • The Shipping Customer must have a valid payment method on file.


Sample JSON Request

  "terrapass": true,
  "insurance": {
    "coverage": {
      "amount": 123,
      "currencyType": "USD"
  "paymentmethod": "12345AB6-78C9-12DE-34FG-56789123H45I",
  "postpay": true



Success Status: 201 Created

Response Header

Location header{listingId}


API Reference


Field Type Description Sample Valid Values
Boolean The TerraPass Certified Green Provider Program is a way to offer carbon-balanced shipping and offset or reduce emissions altogether. To learn more, visit and uShip charges a flat fee of $1.99 to offset the shipment's carbon footprint.
  • true - Shipping Customer chooses to contribute to the TerraPass program
  • false - Shipping Customer declines to contribute.
Container Wrapper for the cargo insurance fields that protect the shipment from loss or damage. If the insurance fields are null, the API assumes that the Shipping Customer declined cargo insurance. -
Container Wrapper for the coverage fields. Specified if a Shipping Customer elects cargo insurance. -
Decimal The value of the Shipping Customer's item(s) or the amount he or she wishes to cover. 10000
String Obtain a list of 3-letter ISO4217 standard values currently supported by the uShip API via GET Currencies Lookup API "GBP"

Obtain the unique 36-character payment method identifier via GET


Boolean A Shipping Customer must be both eligible to use and set PostPay (true) to use it. A valid credit card is the only form of payment for PostPay. See LTL Freight Terminology to learn more about the payment options and PostPay eligibility.
  • true - Use the post pay checkout option.
  • false - Shipping Customer chooses to have their default payment on file charged.


What Can You Do Next?

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