The latest reference information for updating listing feedback for a Shipping Customer or Service Provider.

Sample JSON Input 



The overall rating is required.

  "Feedback": "Feedback description",
  "Rating": "Positive",
  "DetailedTspFeedback": {
    "Communication": 2,
    "CareOfGoods": 5,
    "Punctuality_Timeliness": 3,
    "ServicesAsDescribed": 1


Field (bold if required) Type Description Sample Valid Value
String Description of the feedback providing more details about why the user chose a certain rating. "HHG Movers were on time and communicated effectively during the entire process. We are pleased to recommend them for local moves."
String A Service Provider or Shipper indicates a required overall rating. "Positive", "Negative", or "Neutral"
Field is only available for a Shipper to complete for a Service Provider. This object is ignored when a Service Provider is leaving feedback for a Shipper. Wrapper for the types of feedback or star ratings a Shipping Customer can provide. The numbers indicate a rating of between zero to five stars where five stars is the highest positive rating. -
Integer During the entire process, how well did the Service Provider communicate? Communication can include phone calls, emails, texts, in person interactions, and conversations on the platform in the form of questions and answers about the listing, bid, and arrangements process after the shipment was boked.  0-5
Integer How well did the Service Provider take care of the items before and during the delivery? How well did they take care of the items after delivering them to the destination according to the level of service chosen for the listing? 0-5
Integer How professional was the Service Provider? Was he or she / the team early, on time, or late according to the agreed upon pick up or delivery time frame? 0-5
Integer How well did the Service Provider deliver on the services as described in their profile and the relevant listing? 0-5



  • Success Code: 201 Created 
  • Location Header: where the listing ID is associated with the updated feedback.
  • When a user leaves feedback, the respective party that receives the feedback will receive an email confirmation.


General Errors

Error Code Description
400 Returns with an authorized user tries to leave feedback for another user without the required rating.
401 User's authorization token is invalid or expired.
403 Returns when the authorized does not have permission to access the specific resource. The user tries to leave feedback for the corresponding Service Provider or Shipper on a listing.
409 Returns when a user attempts to leave feedback for the same user/listing pair more than once.

uShip-Specific Error Codes

Error Code Description
40001 Field-specific error for Rating when a Shipper or Service Provider tries to leave feedback without the required overall rating.

When the reason is "invalid input" the following field level errors could occur:

  • The field Communication must be between 0 and 5.
  • The field CareOfGoods must be between 0 and 5.
  • The field Punctuality_Timielines must be between 0 and 5.
  • The field ServicesAsDescribed must be between 0 and 5.
40006 Invalid overall rating provided, for example.