Household Goods

Create a listing to ship Furniture in the Household Goods category of the uShip marketplace. 



Sample Request Body

Required: Update the dates in the example so that they are at least one day ahead of the present date.

  "title": "Required (Furniture Listing) Title",
  "description": "Provide optional details about the furniture listing.",
  "route": {
  	"items": [{
 	  "address": {
  		"streetAddress": "10155 Montague St",
 	 	"alternateStreetAddress": "Building 2, Suite 100",
  		"majorMunicipality": "Tampa",
  		"postalCode": "33626",
  		"stateProvince": "FL",
  		"country": "US",
  		"latitude": 28.056858,
  		"longitude": -82.605871,
  		"type": "Residence",
                "timeZone": "America/New_York"  
  	"timeFrame": {
  		"earliestArrival": "2014/08/08",
  		"latestArrival": "2014/08/10",
  		"timeFrameType": "between"
        "contact": {
               "name": "Jeremy Clinton",
               "companyName": "Furniture LLC",
               "phoneNumber": "25678345678",
               "email": "",
               "firstName": "Jeremy",
               "lastName": "Clinton" 
       "address": {   		
                "streetAddress": "1614 E Riverside Dr",   		
                "majorMunicipality": "Austin",  		
                "postalCode": "78741",   		
                "stateProvince": "TX",   		
                "country": "US",   		
                "latitude": 30.234123,   		
                "longitude": -97.718296,   		
                "type": "BusinessWithLoadingDockOrForklift",                 
                "timeFrame": "America/Chicago"    	},   	
       "timeFrame": {   		
               "earliestArrival": "2014/08/11",   		
               "latestArrival": "2014/08/12",  		
               "timeFrameType": "before"   		    
       "contact": {
               "name": "Mark Campbell",
               "companyName": "Furniture LLC",
               "phoneNumber": "25678905678",
               "email": "",
               "firstName": "Mark",
               "lastName": "Campbell" 
   "pricing": {
	"namedPrice":  {
            "amount": 300,
            "currencyType": "USD"
   "items": [
             "Title" : "Title of the specific item especially if there are multiple items.",
             "Commodity" : "Furniture",
             "widthInMeters" : 1.524,
             "lengthInMeters" : 1.397,
             "heightInMeters" : 1.041,
             "weightInGrams" : 38100,
             "unitCount" : 2,
             "Description" : "Details about the furniture item."
  	 "attributes": {
		 "crated": true,
	         "stackable": true,
  	   	 "palletized": true
  	"serviceTypes": [
       "referenceNumbers":  [
           "number": "6a8a7b9d-68e3-4ebc-9f26-4b3bfa7688b5",
           "type": "PriceCorrelationId"   //don't change type text  


Success Status: 201 Created

Response Header

Location header: where 403127679 is an example of a {listingId} used in{listingId}.


API Reference

Listing Object

Field Type Description Valid Sample Values
String Required. The brief title or description of the listing which acts as a headline for Service Providers.
"Send Antique dresser to New Home in Delaware"
String Optional. Details about the household good listing. "Antiques hold a certain sentimental value, so shipping them requires extra care and attention to detail. Professional antique furniture movers can provide this level of care, but there are still some steps you can take to make sure everything goes smoothly."
Array Required. The kind of service type values specified. See Service Types table for all valid values. "BlanketWrap",

Commodity Object

Include packaging material when providing measurements for item dimensions. For specific dimension and weight conversions you can programmatically handle the information. To manually test conversions, you can check via

Field Type Description Valid Sample Values
Array List of household good objects. Each object will have the following fields contained in this table. -
String Where the listing will be categorized under "Find Shipments" for Service Providers to bid on or book.
Decimal The width of a particular furniture item in meters. See the How to Measure illustration below for dimension placement. Dimensions differ  21.641
Decimal The length of a particular furniture item in meters. 11.278
Decimal The height of a particular furniture item in meters. 9.4488
Integer The total weight of the item in grams. 40823
String Required. Descriptive name for the item. "Jessica McClintock Antique White Drawer Dresser"
Integer Quantity. The number of units of this item for the listing. 5
String Additional information about the item. "This Jessica McClintock Romance 10 Drawer Triple Dresser is a regal addition to any bedroom with its graceful shapes, extensive carvings and delicate silver accents over a soft antique white finish. This chest adds a touch of elegance to any room and offers everything you will need to take care of your most personal garments. Two lovely mirror options are available to complete the look of this piece. Jessica McClintock is one of the most recognized names in women's fashion. Every year, more McClintock fashions are seen at proms, graduations, weddings and special occasions than those of any other designer. Renowned in the fashion world, she has a loyal and attentive consumer following."

Listing Attributes

Attribute descriptions give Service Providers additional information about the services needed for the listing. A Service Provider with the equipment, space, and experience to handle crated, stackable, and palletized furniture items are more likely to book the listing.

Crated Object

The item is boxed in wooden or plastic crate.

  • true - Item is crated. 
  • false - Items is not crated.

Stackable Object

The item has flat surfaces and can sustain the weight of another object.

  • true - Item is stackable.
  • false - Item is not stackable.

Palletized Object

The item is on a wooden or plastic pallet and can be moved by forklift.

  • true - Item is palletized.
  • false - Item is not palletized.


Route Origin or Destination Address Object

See Route Object reference.


Pricing Object

Specify pricing with a named price. If the listing goes through auction, do not include this object.

Field Type Description Valid Sample Values
Container Wrapper for the listing price. -
String How much will these household goods be listed to ship? 250
Array The type indicated by the code that corresponds to the country and currency name. Currency Lookups has the most current list. "USD"

Reference Enumerations

Address Types

Address Type Value Localized Label (EN-US)
Residence Residence
BusinessWithLoadingDockOrForklift Business (with loading dock or forklift)
BusinessWithoutLoadingDockOrForklift Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Port Port
ConstructionSite Construction Site
TradeShowOrConvention Trade Show / Convention Center
StorageFacility Storage Facility
MilitaryBase Military Base
Airport Airport
OtherSecuredLocation Other Secured or Limited Access Location

Service Types

Service Type Value Description
Blanket Wrap Service "BlanketWrap" The Service Provider carefully wrap items in blankets, load, and unload items. Pick up and delivery inside to a first floor is included.
Courier Service "CourierService" specialized transportation and service for delivering mail, packages, and other goods. Distinguished from ordinary mail service by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, and specialization of services, and committed delivery times. Couriers range from owner operators or regional delivery vans to large international package delivery companies.
LTL Freight and Packaging Service "FreightPackaging" The Service Provider picks up and packs items to freight standards, loads, and unloads items. Extra fees may apply for pick up and delivery inside.
LTL Standard Service "Freight" The Shipping Customer must pack items to freight standards, load, and unload items. Typically used by businesses with loading docks. Residential service and pick up or delivery inside may be available for extra fees.
White Glove "WhiteGlove" The Service Provider provides the highest level of care. Includes packing, wrapping, loading, unloading, setting up items anywhere on the destination premises, and removing packing materials. 

uShip Marketplace Web Examples

Add a Furniture Item on a Household Goods Move - Web Example


Create a Furniture Listing in the uShip Marketplace



               "name": "Mark Campbell",

               "companyName": "Furniture LLC",

               "phoneNumber": "25678905678",

               "email": "",

               "firstName": "Mark",