Listings Booking


Business Rules | Roles and Permissions

The Service Provider must be eligible to complete a bid on an active listing.

  • at least a verified carrier monitored by SaferWatch OR
  • completed at least 5 shipments with a positive feedback rating of 90% or higher.

A Carrier or Broker (Service Provider) cannot bid on his or her own listings.

The Shipper must be eligible to create an active listing.

The listing or shipment must be

  • active
  • available, and
  • not booked or closed.





Field Type Description Sample Valid Values
String The checksum verifies that the booked listing has not been changed since it was originally created. The verification is a unique string identifier that changes any time a user or the system updates relevant booked listing request data. Checksum verifies that the booked listing request must match the original data. If it does not match, then we send a new booked listing request. Obtain the checksum value from the listing. Any existing bids on a listing are automatically cancelled when the listing checksum changes. "6415d139", "190eced0", or "d347e0a0"
Container  Wrapper for the service type value label data pair. - 
Integer  Obtain the desired service types from the GET Service Types Lookup API.  "CourierService"

The localized name of the service type.

"LoadingService", "OpenTransport", or "FreightInsidePickup"



The transport mode that the Carrier provides or the Shipper requires.

Valid Values:

  • Trucking
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Ocean
  • Intermodal
  • Driveaway
String See Glossary for a list of available vehicle types.  "SUV", "Van_Double", or "Air_Ride_Van"

Information not covered in the previous fields to relay to the Shipping Customer from the Service Provider. Also known as "Note to Customer" on the bid form.

"Our bid includes Door-to-Door Service. The truck driver will pick the vehicle up and drop it off as close to your home as he can legally and safely get."


The payment methods that the Service Provider will accept from the Shipping Customer. 

  • Cash
  • CreditCard
  • Check
  • PayPal
  • MoneyOrder
  • Other 
  • uShipPayments - Service Provider selects to only accept uShip Payments. By default, as listed in the uShip User Agreement, all listings below a certain threshold can only use uShip Payments.
"Credit Card" , "Paypal", or "uShipPayments"

Indicates when payment can be made.

  • Before a shipment pick up
  • At shipment pick up
  • At shipment delivery
  • Other - The Service Provider and Shipping Customer can make payment arrangements at a time outside of the shipment time frame.
"BeforePickup", "AtPickup", "AtDelivery", or "Other"
String  The Service Provider who bid on the listing provides terms for payment.   "Payment must be made before 20 days after the shipment has been completed." 

Description of the terms and conditions that a bid is considered valid and may cover the how the booking will be completed. Can be null.

 "If payment is made 20 days or more after the shipment was completed, fraud will be reported to local authorities. 1% interest of the total amount will be charged for each day the payment is late." 


Successful Status: 201 Created

Response header location at “/listings/{listingId}/bids” where the listingId is “active” and “booked”.