Listings Bid


Bid on an existing shipment by specifying the listing ID using the Place Bids API.

An eligible Service Provider can place bids on active listings based on the following criteria:

Either the Service Provider...

  • is at least a verified carrier monitored by SaferWatch OR
  • completed at least 5 shipments with a positive feedback rating of 90% or higher.

Ways a Service Provider can bid on a listing:

  • Auction - A timed auction between the Lister and the Service Provider. The winning bid belongs to the Service Provider.
  • Book It NowTM -  A brokered listing with a Book It Now bid price where the Service Provider automatically accepts the bid price. A Service Provider who doesn't meet the Book It Now criteria may place a bid at the Named Price.
  • Offer/Named Price - The offer price occurs when the listing has a set price and only bids at that price are accepted or rejected. When a bid is received, the listing is given an "on-hold" status (not visible or bookable on uShip). This status gives the shipping customer the opportunity to accept or decline the Service Provider's bid and enter in their payment information to confirm. This option allows a Shipping Customer to participate in an instant booking without the risk of putting in credit card information.
  • Published Rates - A Shipping Customer can send a Booking Request to any one of several Service Providers by choosing a published rate. The Service Provider who provided the chosen published rate has 24 hours to respond to the Booking Request by accepting the booking at that price or denying the booking. For more detailed information about Published Rates, see Published Rates and all related pages.

A Carrier or Broker (Service Provider) cannot bid on his or her own listings.


Placing a Bid

  • First, view the output of a GET for https://api.uship.comv2/listings or https://api.uship.comv2/listings/{listingId} to determine the bid methods available for a given listing, user, user type.
  • Then, set the input fields for the Place Bids API.

Important information about placing your bid:

  • Your bid is a "flat-fee, binding estimate" to provide the services described in this listing. If you have any questions about the nature of the services required or the expectations of the customer, post a question for the customer before bidding.
  • When your bid is accepted, you will receive direct contact information for the customer as well as pickup and delivery contact information and addresses.
  • When your bid is accepted, uShip will collect a deposit from the customer in the amount of your uShip fee and credit that amount to your account, which will offset your booking fee.
  • Only bid on multiple shipments if you are able to service them all. If you cancel your bid after it has been accepted (without adequate reason), you may still be responsible for the booking fee.
  • Your bid will be placed in a different currency than the customer is used to in some cases. Keep this in mind when your bid is accepted and when you work out payment options.


API Reference




    Field Type Description Sample Valid Values

    Required. The checksum verifies that the bid request has not been changed since it was originally created. The verification is a unique alphanumeric string identifier that changes any time a user or the system updates relevant bid request data. Checksum verifies that the bid request must match the original data. If it does not match, then we send a new bid request.

    Example: GET the checksum from{listingId}/ to confirm that the listing hasn't changed.

    Container Wrapper for the bid amount. -
    Decimal The bid amount. 900.0
    Integer Obtain a list of 3-letter ISO standard values currently supported by the uShip API via GET Currencies Lookup API. This value is the currency choice the bid is submitted for the given listing. "USD"
    • true - Include the uShip fee in the calculation of the final cost to bid on this listing. Do not set this field to 'true' if the context is a bid at the named (fixed) price. Bids at the named (fixed) price always include the uShip fee and setting this field to 'true' would result in an error. For named (fixed) price bids, the amount to the TSP/Carrier is always the Shipper's named (fixed) price, less the uShip fee.
    • false - Do not include the uShip fee. Default. 

    To simplify billing, uShip collects a deposit from shipping customers when they accept a bid on uShip. This deposit is credited to the Service Provider’s uShip account and offsets the Service Provider’s booking fees due to uShip. uShip’s booking fees for Customer Loads are based on origin, destination, category and/or bid price.

    Fees are converted to match your account’s currency setting and are calculated based on current exchange rates at the time the bid is placed. You can update your currency setting from Regional Settings (must be logged into the uShip account to see this page).  All discounts or promotions apply regardless of the applicable fee schedule.  If available, account credits will automatically be applied toward uShip fees.

    This fee system affects all bids placed on or after November 6, 2009, regardless of when the bids are accepted.

    View the fee schedule based on these criteria.

    String Required. The date the bid expires. Date must be a future date. Format: "YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00" 

    Example: "2013-05-12T01:32:11.7062535"

    Container Wrapper for the time frame and type that the bid pickup will occur. -
    Container Wrapper for the time frame and type that the bid delivery will occur. -
    String The date the pick up or delivery will occur. If this date is part of a range, then this is the first date the pick up or delivery can start. Date1 must be before Date2. "YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00"
    String This field only exists if the time frame type is a range such as "between" dates. If this date is part of a range, then this is the latest date the pick up or delivery can start. "YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00"

    This field is only required and appears for the following:

    • The number of days after the specified pick up or delivery date.
    • Only appears with the "Relative" time frame type.
    String Required.
    • Arrange - Both parties will arrange the pick up or delivery date after the booking has occurred in the uShip marketplace.
    • Before - The Service Provider will arrive to pick up or deliver before the specified date.
    • Between - The range of dates the pick up or delivery will occur.
    • OnDate - The specific date the Service Provider will arrive to pick up or deliver.
    • Relative - The number of days after the specified pick up or delivery date. This timeframe type requires a “delay” to be specified. If a delay is not specified, an error will occur.
    "Before", "OnDate"
    String Obtain the desired service types from the GET Service Types Lookup API. See Service Type Lookup API.

    The transport mode that the Carrier provides or the Shipper requires.

    Valid Values:

    • Trucking
    • Air
    • Rail
    • Ocean
    • Intermodal
    • Driveaway
    "Intermodal", "Trucking"
    String See the Glossary for a list of available vehicle types.  "SUV", "Van_Double", or "Air_Ride_Van"

    Required. The payment methods that the Service Provider accepts from the Shipping Customer.

    • Cash
    • CreditCard
    • Check
    • PayPal
    • MoneyOrder
    • Other
    • uShipPayments - Service Provider selects to only accept uShip Payments. By default, as listed in the uShip User Agreement, all listings below a certain threshold can only use uShip Payments:

      uShip Payments will be an option for all bids equaling $2,750 or less from eligible TSPs.

    • Eligible TSPs have:
    • More than 90% positive feedback and a feedback score greater than 5 OR
    • SaferWatch Verified

      Bids over $2,750 and bids from service providers that do not meet this criterion will only have the deposit payment option. All bids placed for $700 and under by qualified TSPs will only have the uShip Payments option.
    "Cash", "uShipPayments" 

    Required. Indicates when payment can be made.

    • Before a shipment pick up
    • At shipment pick up
    • At shipment delivery
    • Other - The Service Provider and Shipping Customer can make payment arrangements at a time outside of the shipment time frame.
    "BeforePickup", "AtPickup", "AtDelivery", or "Other"
    String Optional. The Service Provider who bid on the listing provides terms for payment.
     "Payment must be made before 20 days after the shipment has been completed." 
    String Optional. Descriptive notes to provide more details about the bid. -

    Optional. The Service Provider’s description of the (concrete acceptance) criteria by which the bid that wins will be accepted. So, if the bid they place is selected by the Shipping Customer, the Service Provider will only fulfill the bid based these guidelines.

    Description of the terms and conditions that a bid is considered valid and may cover the how the booking will be completed. Can be null.

    On Web, for example, "Please provide the standard terms of service which apply to your bookings on uShip. Customers will review and agree to these terms before accepting your bids."

     "If payment is made 20 days or more after the shipment was completed, fraud will be reported to local authorities. 1% interest of the total amount will be charged for each day the payment is late." 

    • True – When set to true, the TSP receives a notification as soon as another TSP’s higher bid is place for this listing.
    • False – When set to false, no notifications are sent even when the TSP has been outbid.
    "true" or "false"
    • True – When set to true, the TSP who bid on the listing will receive an email confirmation after every bid they place during an active auction or through automatic bidding.
    • False – When set to false, the TSP who bid on the listing will not receive an email confirmation.
    "true" or "false"

    Bid valet is a way to automate a Service Provider's bidding to make sure he or she is not underbid. A qualified Service Provider can set the lowest price he or she is willing to book a load and uShip automatically lowers their bid either on a regular schedule or when competing bids are placed. 

    String Optional. A unique identifier third parties can use to track a bid for the listing.


    • True – When set to true, the viewer of the listing is acknowledging that 1) he or she has viewed a listing, 2) has permission to bid at the Named Price, and 3) accepts the namedPrice object for the listing. Will return an error if the bid amount is not provided. 
    • False – When set to false, the Service Provider can only bid on a listing if he or she meets the criteria of a traditional auction, BookItNow, or Published Rates.
    • "true" or "false"
    String The source of the bid.
    • Marketplace
    • BookingRequest
    • BookingRequest
    • QuoteRequest
    • BookItNow


    Successful Status: 201 Created

    Location header{listingId}/bids/{bidId}