Driver Networks

The user story for this business solution starts with My Driver, the driver assignment and management tool available on a service provider’s dashboard. The Driver Network API and Tracking API are two of the many resources that work together to provide a seamless transit status and location update experience for uShip mobile app users.

Currently, a service provider created through the API does not automatically have My Driver capabilities. However, a uShip web service provider user with My Driver can make use of certain API’s explained below.

 This implementation uses existing endpoints to create the permissions and hypermedia link structure to provide tracking status and location updates by the relevant service provider who is delivering the listing.


Dispatcher (Dan)

Dan is the owner of the driver network. This service provider role books and assigns listings. Feedback and payment also go to Dan. Dan will only report transit status and location updates if he decides to transport the listing himself.

Dan's main role is to... 

  • invite and add drivers to his network.
  • assign and manage the drivers in his network.

Both Dan and the assigned driver can view and update the transit status. However, only the driver is updating location reported from uShip’s mobile app.

Through Dan…

  • assigns a driver to a specific listing.
  • can perform any of the actions below and more.

Through the API Dan...

  • bids on,
  • converses with shippers about, and
  • views the details of an assigned listing or listings.
  • changes the transit status of the listing.
  • provides and receives feedback.
  • activates and withdraws money from payment codes.

If Dan wants to assign the listing to a driver who is not in their driver network, he can send an invitation to the driver via My Driver. The invitation requires the driver to register as a service provider on if he or she is not an existing uShip service provider.

In the case that Dan the dispatcher is the only driver in the network, his location and status updates will be reported when transporting the shipment. In the case that Dan has multiple drivers, he must go to My Drivers and choose Assign to Me to transport the listing himself.

Bidding, assigning, booking, conversation, and feedback actions are only available to Dan. A shipper or a driver can release a valid, unused payment code, but only Dan will receive payment for the delivered shipment.

Driver (Jay)

The assigned driver is a service provider who the dispatcher has chosen to deliver the listing. Jay's location updates are available to the shipper only after the shipment status has been marked as "Dispatched" or "PickedUp" only until the shipment is "Delivered".

Through the API, Jay…

  • views the details of the listing or listings his driver network dispatcher assigned.
  • marks the assigned listing as "Delivered" from or the uShip mobile app.
  • activates the completed shipment’s payment code.

Through, Jay…

  • accepts his driver network invitation by email.
  • views bid and booking details.
  • views the Bill of Lading.

Role-based Permissions

Driver Network Permissions 

Work Flow

Driver Network Work Flow

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