Profile Images

Upload an image to an existing user's profile.



Request Header Value
Content-Type multipart/formdata
Form-data Sub Content-Type Headers

Must support the following media types:

  • image/jpg
  • image/jpeg
  • image/png
  • image/gif

The sub content-type media type must match the image file type.

Input Request Body

Chrome Postman - REST Client screenshot

When testing with POSTman, do not send the "content-type" header.

Chrome Postman - REST Client screenshot


Set Primary Image

Optional. To set the image as the profile's primary image, set the sub content-type application/json with this body:

"primary": true



Success Status: 201 Created

Response Header

Location Header 


Did My Image Upload Correctly?

Retrieve the user's summary and see the order of the profile images



Sample Response

See for field descriptions.

    "userSummary": {
        "userId": 123456789,
        "displayName": "TexasCowgirl",
        "imageUrl": "",
        "feedback": {
            "count": 10,
            "percentPositive": 100,
            "starRating": 5
        "links": [
                "rel": "Item",
                "verb": "GET",
                "href": "/v2/users/123456789/profile",
                "title": "profile"
    "createdOn": "2013-05-21T22:37:54Z",
    "userType": {
        "value": "ShipperAndServiceProvider",
        "label": "Shipper & Service Provider",
        "shortLabel": "Shipper & Service Provider"
    "status": {
        "value": "Active",
        "label": "Active",
        "shortLabel": "Active"
    "about": "dev",
    "images": [