What is an API?  Why is it Useful?

Application Programming Interface. Software components can talk to each other using this set of standards.

One of the best non-technical courses we've discovered is free and available via https://zapier.com/learn/apis/.


Does uShip offer a shipping API?

Yes, uShip’s API is RESTful and follows the HTTP protocol. uShip offers several API’s so that your website or application can be a part of the uShip marketplace.

For example,

  • as a Shipping Customer, you may want to get pricing “How much would it cost to ship this item?” or
  • as a Service Provider, you may want to provide pricing "This is how much we quote to ship a particular item” or search listings based on customizable criteria.

Eventually, our goal is to provide APIs for all core features on the uShip marketplace. We prioritize the development of the APIs based on revenue, partnership opportunities, and development resources. Contact our business development team to talk further: partners at uship.com.


How do I find documentation about the uShip API?

Documentation https://developer.uship.com/docs | Glossary https://developer.uship.com/uShip_glossary

Create a free developer portal account to login and view docs via https://developer.uship.com/member/register.


How can I try the uShip API?

Once registered on the portal, check out the type of authentication to use. You can either test manually on Postman via our sandbox Test Drive environment.


How do I give feedback about existing API documentation?


How do I get technical support?

If you are an existing Partner either starting your integration or already integrated,  email us (api-support@uship.com) for the fastest response. Be sure to cc your business development or account manager for the best customer service.