Service Provider

The Service Provider who booked the listing. This object will only return if the listing is booked.

Field Type Description
Integer Unique identifier for the Service Provider.
String The name that displays on uShip for the active user who booked the listing. Generally, this is the user's company name. If the account doesn't have a company name, their username appears.
String The web address or server path where the Service Provider's profile image is stored.
Container Wrapper for uShip rating fields. Can be null.
  • count
  • percentPositive
  • starRating

The relevant hypermedia link(s) objects for the Service Provider who booked the listing. A hypermedia link suggests what a user can do next in the relevant context or contexts. Here is a common example of an href where you can retrieve the Service Provider's profile. The number in the href is the userId of the lister "/v2/users/{userId}/profile". In general, this field is the hypertext reference attribute that specifies the URL of the page link destination. 

    "rel": "Item",
    "verb": "GET",
    "href": "/v2/users/123456789/profile",
    "title": "profile"