Assigned Driver

The container with fields that describe the driver assigned to deliver the listing. The owner (dispatcher) of a driver network is the service provider who won the listing and can assign the listing to a driver in his or her network. See Network Driver Permissions.

This object returns for

  • the dispatcher where (userType=serviceProvider) after he or she assigned the listing to the driver.
  • for the assigned driver (userType=serviceProvider) after the dispatcher assigned the listing to him/her.

This object will not return when a shipper (userType=shipper) retrieves the listing even after the listing has been assigned to a network driver.

Field Type Description
Integer Identifier of the company driver assigned to deliver the listing.
String The name that displays on uShip for the active user. Generally, this is the user's company name. If the account doesn't have a company name, the account's username appears.
Container Wrapper for uShip ranking fields. Can be null.
Integer The total number of feedback entries available for this user. 
Decimal The percentage of positive ratings for this user out of 100%. 
Decimal The average number of stars out of the total stars received for this user. One star being the lowest and five stars being the highest rating.

Hypermedia links suggest what the user can do next in the relevant context. For this method, after retrieving listings, for each listing, you can retrieve the user's profile.


    "rel": "Item",
    "verb": "GET",
    "href": "/v2/users/012345678/profile",
    "title": "profile"