Create a listing to ship a Dog or a Cat in the Pets category of the uShip marketplace.




Sample Request Body

Required: Update the dates in this example so that they are at least one day ahead of the present date.

    "title": "Required (Dog Listing) Title",
    "description": "Provide optional details about the pet listing.",
    "route": {
        "items": [
                "address": {
                    "streetAddress": "10155 Montague St",
                    "alternateStreetAddress": "Bldg 2, Suite 100",
                    "majorMunicipality": "Tampa",
                    "postalCode": "33626",
                    "stateProvince": "FL",
                    "country": "US",
                    "latitude": 28.056858,
                    "longitude": -82.605871,
                    "type": "Residence",
                    "timeZone": "America/New_York" 
                "timeFrame": {
                    "earliestArrival": "2014/08/08",
                    "latestArrival": "2014/09/09",
                    "timeFrameType": "between"
                "address": {
                    "streetAddress": "1614 E Riverside Dr",
                    "majorMunicipality": "Austin",
                    "postalCode": "78741",
                    "stateProvince": "TX",
                    "country": "US",
                    "latitude": 30.234123,
                    "longitude": -97.718296,
                    "type": "BusinessWithLoadingDockOrForklift",
                    "timeZone": "America/Chicago" 
                "timeFrame": {
                    "earliestArrival": "2014/09/09",
                    "latestArrival": "2014/09/09",
                    "timeFrameType": "on"
    "pricing": {
        "namedPrice": {
            "amount": 250,
            "currencyType": "USD"
    "items": [
            "title": "Dog Item Listing Title",
            "commodity": "Dogs",
            "petsName": "Magnus",
            "breed": "Chihuahua",
            "weightInGrams": 2260,    
            "specialNeed": "Description.",
            "isTagged": true,
            "isVaccinated": true,
            "kennelSize": "small"
    "serviceTypes": [



Success Status: 201 Created

Response Header

Location header: where the 123456789 is an example of {listingId} used in{listingId}.


API Reference

Listing Object

Field Type Description Valid Sample Values
String Required. Brief descriptive name of the listing. "Visit Relatives with Pet"
String Longer explanation of the listing. "Flying wtih baby, so need to send pet to relatives to spend holidays with us."

The service types requested for this listing. Retrieve a list of available service types for pets via GET 

See ServiceTypes table below.

"OpenTransport", "EnclosedTransport" 

Commodity Object

Field Type Description
Array List of pet objects.
String Required. Descriptive title for the listing item.
String Required. Use "Cats" or "Dogs" to create the specific kind of pets listing.
String Required. The pet's name.
String Required. The pet's characteristic or type according to how it is classified either officially or unofficially.
Integer The total weight of the dog or cat in grams.
String Instructions for the Service Provider about how to care for the pet during transport.
  • true - Indicates that the pet is wearing its vaccination and identification tags such as on its collar.
  • false - Indicates that the pet is not wearing identification tags.

Required. Must set to true.

  • true - The pet has vaccinations as well as official documentation pertaining to the shots received.
  • false - The pet is not vaccinated.

Description of the kennel size which should include room for the pet to stand up, turn around, and have enough clearance above their head or ears when standing.

Valid values:

  • "small"
  • "medium"
  • "large"
  • "extralarge"

Pricing Object

Specify pricing with a named price. If the listing goes through auction, do not include this object.

Field Type Description Valid Sample Values
Container Wrapper for the pricing fields -
String How much will it cost to ship these pet(s)? $2000
Array The type indicated by the code that corresponds to the country and currency name. Currency Lookups has the most current list. "USD"

Route Origin or Destination Address Object

See Route Object reference.


Reference Enumerations

Address Types

You can also use the Address Types Lookup to see all available values by providing the commodityCode parameter. See Address Type Lookups on

Address Type Value Localized Label (EN-US)
Residence Residence
BusinessWithLoadingDockOrForklift Business (with loading dock or forklift)
BusinessWithoutLoadingDockOrForklift Business (without loading dock or forklift)
Port Port
TradeShowOrConvention Trade Show / Convention Center
MilitaryBase Military Base
Airport Airport
OtherSecuredLocation Other Secured or Limited Access Location

Service Types

You can also use the Service Types Lookup by providing the commodityCode parameter.

See Service Types Lookup on and for more information.

Service Type Value Description
Loading Service (mover loads) "LoadingService"

The Service Provider is responsible for loading the animal(s).

Self Service (customer loads) "SelfService"

The Shipper is reponsible for loading the animal(s).


To get an idea of shipment creation, here is an example of how to create a Cat listing in the Pets category on

Create a Pets Listing in the uShip Marketplace