Listing Statuses

When a Shipper leaves feedback on a listing, the listing status changes to "Completed". However, the Service Provider will continue to see the listing status as 'Booked' until he also leaves feedback.In this reference page, we'll focus on the listing statuses that display on a UI. This means that the value passed in a filter may, for certain instances, be different than the display status.

Use this information to help filter listings. See Retrieve Listings.

The listing status is relative to the user who is viewing it.

For example, when a Shipper leaves feedback on a listing, the listing status changes to "Completed". However, the Service Provider will continue to see the listing status as 'Booked' until he also leaves feedback.

Feedback can only be left when a transaction is complete.

Query Parameter Values with Display Values

Value Display Label Description What's Next? What can a user do with the listing

The Lister's (Shipper or Broker, for example) listing is available and not booked. 

The listing remains active until it expires. If the expired listing has active bids, the Shipper has 24 hours to accept a bid before the bids expire.

Through Published Rates, if the listing has a booking request on it (for a Service Provider to accept), the listing becomes “booking request pending” and is temporarily unavailable for booking. If the Service Provider does not accept the booking request within 24 hours, the listing goes back to this state (Active).


  • Edit the listing. OR
  • Add items to the listing. OR
  • Delete the listing. OR
  • Relist the listing.



The listing is active and has an accepted bid. Booked listings allow a transit status for the matched Shipper and Service Provider (booked delivery). 

If a user can see the listing in the “booked” state, than that user can cancel the listing.

Service Provider can provide tracking statuses.

Shipper can view tracking statuses.

Closed The Shipper (Lister's) listing auction ended and either the listing did not receive any bids or all of the bids on the listing have expired.

The Lister can

  • Relist the shipment. OR
  • Delete the listing. OR
  • Archive the listing.

The user who marked the listing as “delivered” will see it in this status. If the user who did not mark the listing “delivered” will still see the listing in the “booked” state.

The Service Provider delivered the shipment and marks it as delivered AND The Service Provider claims the payment code or if the Shipper releases the payment code...


The Shipper marks the shipment as delivered (if payment code does not exist), Service Provider claims the payment code, Shipper marks the shipment as delivered and releases payment (if payment code exists).

The Shipper can
  • Print the Bill of Lading. OR
  • Leave feedback. OR
  • Mark Not Delivered.
Archived The booked listing is unavailable because it got delivered (both parties marked it delivered) and both the Service Provider and the Shipper left feedback. -

The Lister removed the listing. Only the owner of the listing (the Shipper or Lister) can delete their own listing. Whenever the listing is active, it is eligible for deletion.

If a listing has been booked, either the Shipper or the Service Provider may request a cancellation. If the other party agrees and the Shipper does not relist the shipment, the shipment becomes marked as "deleted".

OnHold The listing is not publicly viewable or available to book. The listing remains “onHold” until a user takes the listing out of this status OR the listing expires or the bid that put the listing in an “onHold” state expires.


Saved Available on the API, but not via Web.  If the listing was not created on Web and is either in the “Cars and Light Trucks” (CLT) subcategory or the “Household Goods” category, the listing goes from having no state to this “saved” state. After 30 minutes, the listing becomes “Active”.

The Lister can provide any missing information.